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Why is everything password protected & is this the end of the 802?


It has given me great joy to write in this blog during the past few years, and even greater joy to learn that a few people aside from my mom actually read it.

You and my mom might have noticed that I have password protected my previous posts.  I have done this to clarify that the alter ego that I’ve developed on this blog is a marginal fabrication of my actual character/values, something that I don’t want to be lost on e-passersby who might be in a position to destroy me and/or my future life.

In conclusion: is this the end of the 802?  It is odd, and some would even say foolhardy, to transition into a concluding paragraph with a question.  Alas, I think the 802 will live on, with or without my blog posts, although I would like to write again in the future, perhaps on another, cooler blog.

If you want to read the old posts, ask me!

EDIT MAY 2014: All other entries have been set to Private.